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There are two ways to register: as a special audit student or as a visiting trainee.

Each way is treated differently in terms of credits and tuition. All online students are required to take the course on-demand.

1) Registration as a special audit student of Hokkaido University

Credits will be issued by Hokkaido University. Tuition fees will be charged for students outside of the partner universities.

Required documents

1) Application form 【Form 1】

2) Curriculum Vitae 【Form 2】

3) Three photographs

(Taken within three months of the date of application.

Two 4cm×3cm photos for CV and Application for Certificate of Eligibility, and one 3cm×2.4cm photo for issuing Student ID card.)

4) Official transcript of academic record (original)

※Transcript(s) of the undergraduate program and graduate program (if any)

5) Certificate of enrollment issued by the home institution (original)

6) Recommendation letter from the supervisor at the home institution (original)

7) Certificate of exchange student issued by the home institution (original). Download the format from here.

8) Official document that proves your nationality (i.e. Photocopy of passport, National Registration Card)

NOTICE: ​Scanned data are acceptable for registration, but the original documents should be kept and later submitted to the office (details shall be announced later).

2) Registration as a visiting student/researcher at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Hokkaido University
No credit will be given to the trainee.

Required documents

1) Application form 【Form 1】


2) Curriculum Vitae 【Form 2】


The certificate or certificate of completion issued depends on how the course is taken.

1) No certification

If you choose to take partial courses, you will not receive a certificate.

2) Certification for Chemical Hazard Control Expert

Students who have completed all Advanced and Comprehensive Studies on Chemical Hazard Control (I~V) will be able to take an exam and receive a certificate.
1) You will be required to take an on-demand exam after class (I~V).
2) You will be given assignments, and if you pass the presentation review, you will be issued a Chemical Hazard Control Expert Certificate.

If you take the course online, you will take the class on demand due to the time difference, but the certification exam will be delivered in real time (completion certificate) or taken in Japan (expert certificate).


If you come to Japan to take the course, it will take approximately one month to complete the course. If you are selected for a fellowship, you will be provided with round-trip travel expenses to Japan and accommodation expenses for two months. Preference for fellowships will be given to those who have taken online courses in the previous year.

3) IVCMEP 2021 (Conservation Medicine) Completion Certificate

A Certificate of Completion in IVCMEP 2021 will be issued to students who have completed classes equivalent to 3 credits. For the class introduction and number of credits, please refer to the Syllabus 2021.

Schedule in 2021 (completed)

Sept: Call for Students for Online Courses

Dec to Jan: Online class for Chemical Hazard Control Expert

Feb: Chemical Hazard Control Expert Certificate Exam

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