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JSPS  ET-core in Africa




形成 (2021-2023)

Establishment of

Environmental Toxicology

Core Platform in Africa (2021-2023)





In recent years, African countries have been undergoing rapid resource development. As a result, environmental pollution is becoming more and more apparent, and in some countries, health problems in ecosystems, livestock, and humans have been reported. On the other hand, there are only limited scientific data on environmental pollution in Africa, and little is known about the current situation. The fact that many children have died of acute heavy metal poisoning due to mining activities in Africa, and that tens of thousands of people require medical treatment, is not well known in Japan and other developed countries.
In this project, we will promote research in Africa based on three goals

1) To establish and promote a common surveillance/watching method in African countries.
2) To build a data bank
3) Fostering young researchers (holding international symposia, publishing online journals, establishing virtual programs)

This project aims to establish a "joint base" for environmental pollution surveillance in Africa for the first time by collaborating as a base for conducting practical surveillance, using the network on environmental toxicity that we have established as a steering body.

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