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JSPS  ET-core in Africa


Mechanism, Assessment and Remediation of Environmental Pollution

The environmental pollution problem is a global issue and efforts from various fields are necessary. However, effects of anthropogenic activities such as environmental pollution do not immediately catch the attention of the general public and are not easily brought under control. To resolve this global and growing issue, contributions from various research filed are necessary, e.g., health science, social science and technologies for environmental remediation. In this course, professors of faculties of agriculture, veterinary medicine, engineering, economics and business, health science and environmental earth science, and specialist of GIS research are jointed to provide basic knowledge in each field in the omnibus classes.

Registration will open in late June.


on-demand Lecture

Understanding Plants and Soils - in relation to environmental pollutions

Keyword: Introduction to Basic and environmental toxicology, and fate of xenobiotics in our body.

Yoshitaka Uchida, Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University


on-demand Lecture

Impact Evaluation of Development Program

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University

Masato Hiwatari, Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University


on-demand Lecture

Environmental Radioactivity and health hazard: to get your own robust gauge of the risk

Keyword: Environmental inorganic geochemistry

Kazuhiro Toyoda, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Sciences, Hokkaido University


on-demand Lecture

Health Science

Keyword: Health science, Maternal Health

Harukazu Tohyama, Professor, Faculty of Health Science, Hokkaido University


on-demand Lecture

How do we remediate abandoned mine sites?

Keyword: Environmental remediation

Toshifumi Igarashi, Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University


online real-time Practice (19 Jul~21 Jul, 2021) and on-demand Practice (Oct 1~Dec 31, 2021)

Basic and practices of GIS

Keyword: Geographic Information System, Satellite, Mapping  (You'll use the computer.)

Kazuyo HIROSE, Researcher, Japan Space Systems

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